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jan birch

Jan Birch RGN Dip N INP (BSc ) Hons  MSc Pg Cert RICR MBACN is a prescribing nurse specialist with an expertise in dermatology. She works in her own clinic Blemish Clinic in Ramsbottom where she is the Managing Director. Jan is now providing her expertise at Cheshire Lasers.

Jan has over 20 years’ experience in Nursing and Clinical Research and is an expert in the use of Photodynamic therapy for the treatment of skin cancers and cosmetic dermatology. She was involved in the development of a light source called the Paterson Lamp (Omnilux). Her specialty in photobiology enabled her to develop protocols to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and other medical skin conditions. Her development of a protocol for LED light therapy in the treatment of acne was of specific interest. She was involved in a number of published clinical papers in this area and other dermatological conditions. Her role enabled her to travel globally and was able to work with some of the most eminent Dermatologist in the world.

Whilst undertaking a study using red light for skin rejuvenation Jan developed an interest in the Aesthetic industry, partnering with a Dermatologist to set up the Blemish Clinic.

Jan sub contracted a community dermatology service to the NHS at North West Pennine, Bury Oldham, Manchester Central and North for over 10years.

Jan continues to undertake research at Blemish Clinic also evaluates content for the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, as well as being recognised as an authority in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Jan works closely with Dr Paul Griffiths, Dermatologist and Mr Gary Ross Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Manchester.

Jan has a special interest in providing treatments for patients with skin problems such as active acne and rosacea where the limited medical treatments provided on the NHS have failed.


Jan is providing the following services at Cheshire Lasers:


Consultation fee £50

Consulting Fees are to be paid at the time of booking there is a 24hr cancellation fee of £50

Aesthetic Consultations £50
Private Prescription fee £25
Mole removal From £400 depending on the complexity
Additional Moles From £150 / mole ( if removed at the same time)
Histology £100 / lesion (performed routinely for all excised samples)
Sclerotherapy consultation £50 to assess vessels, test patch, measure legs advise on graduated compression and vascular health.
Sclerotherapy £250 / Treatment
A course of two or three are often needed.
If there are only a few vessels then prices are cheaper.
Earlobe repair From £590 for 1 simple ear lobe
From £700 for 2 simple ear lobes
Botox 1 area £196
Botox 2 areas £266
Botox 3 area £316
Botox 4 areas £366
Men Extra £20/ area as bigger muscles

Botox for Migraine £460
Masseter / Jaw Botox treatment £316
Hyperhydrosis £440
Baby Botox £110
Aqualyx lipodissolve £450 / treatment



Check out some of Jans's reviews:

Jan's a talented, ethical, extremely skilled professional. She's also a lovely person. I feel lucky to have found someone I can completely rely on to make me feel a million dollars. Wouldn't go anywhere else xxx

Jan is amazing at what she does! She takes the time to research the best methods and procedures in the aesthetics industry! No matter how big or small the area is you are unhappy with Jan has the answer to make you feel more confident. Her calm and professional approach makes every visit an enjoyable one. Thanks Jan for all of your help! Xxx

The research and time Jan puts into your own individual treatment is so reassuring - so experienced and knowledgable. Felt so comfortable and trusted her explicitly! I would definitely not go anywhere else for my treatment.

Check out a video about Jan at Blemish Clinic:




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