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Mindfulness is a mind-body awareness approach, which everyone can practice and benefit from at any time. Mindfulness involves learning to tune into to your full experience, noticing sounds, seeing what is around you and feeling whatever is arising in your life right now.

There is considerable research evidence to show that regular mindfulness practice can help to restore energy and vitality; improve brain function; rebalance emotions; strengthen the immune system; develop personal resilience and enhance relationships.

Mindfulness involves training the mind to pay attention to our full experience from one moment to the next in a very patient and gentle way without getting caught up in our difficulties.

Wendy offers lessons in mindfulness practice at Cheshire lasers. She will help you to learn to focus your attention on the sensations of the breath and body while sitting, lying down and in mindful movement. You’ll be encouraged to become aware of your thoughts feelings, emotions and bodily sensations without judging them or being self-critical.

This approach can help to train the frantic mind and can be beneficial for people experiencing everyday stresses and pressures. She is very interested in using breath and body-based mindfulness tools and techniques to enhance sports performance.

During the mindfulness sessions, Wendy will teach you body and breath-based meditation practices while sitting, standing, lying down and gently moving. The aim of mindfulness practice is to help you to learn a new way to approach life’s challenges with patience and openness to new possibilities, letting go of any tendencies to be judgmental or self-critical. Wendy will guide the meditation and mindful movement practices, encouraging you to notice your moment by moment experience in a kindly way. At the end of the session she’ll spend some time sharing your observations and reflections.

All activities are tailored to meet your individual needs. A course of 6-8 weekly sessions of 50 minutes with daily home practice of around 10-20 minutes is recommended. Please allow 70 minutes for the first session as a client consultation is included.

Mindfulness can help you to discover new and effective ways to:

Bringing mindfulness into everyday living can help us to take a new perspective on life’s ups and downs, enabling us to shift from reacting automatically to situations to responding with choice and awareness. This can have great health benefits and can help to reframe stressful situations and personal challenges.


Please note: Mindfulness practice involves becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and physical sensations. This approach is not appropriate if you are currently experiencing traumatic life events or have unresolved personal trauma, as it can reactivate memories and exacerbate symptoms.


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