Alexander Technique

Whats is Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique can help you to learn how to use your body with less strain and effort, enabling you to live your life with more ease and vitality. This can make a difference in everything you do, improving posture, releasing unwanted muscular tension, relieving pain and discomfort, restoring natural balance and ease of movement, enhancing performance and helping you to develop greater resilience and calmness of mind.

There is clinical research evidence that Alexander Technique lessons can reduce chronic lower back pain and neck pain and can have positive benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Who provides Alexander Technique Lessons at Cheshire Lasers ?

Wendy Broad provides lessons at Cheshire Lasers to teach the Alexander Technique. In a lesson, Wendy will explain and guide you to make changes to the way that you move and rest. She uses her hands to direct your awareness and give feedback on your postural habits. This unique approach involves active participation as you learn how to use your body in a different way. There is no manipulation or therapy.

Whats does an Alexander Technique Lesson involve?

Wendy will use explanation and guide you with her hands to modify your posture, the way you move and the way you think about these things. This means identifying patterns you’ve adopted over the years without even realising it. She’ll help you to notice how we live life on autopilot and show you how to pause and use your body in a different way.

Her guiding hands encourage you to let go of unhelpful patterns of tension and suggest different ways of moving, sitting and standing to restore natural poise and ease of movement.

There is no manipulation or therapy involved. You’ll be taking an active role to influence the way you move and rest, so that the learning from each lesson can be applied to your daily life.

If it’s comfortable for you, you’ll spend some time lying on your back in semi-supine (with your knees raised), as well sitting in a chair, standing and moving. Some of the time you’ll be learning new movement patterns, while sitting, standing and walking. Horse-riders can work on a saddle on a wooden horse to help them to learn to release patterns of tension that arise when riding.

With each session you’ll gain more self-awareness and if you practise every day it can be life changing.

How long is an Alexander Technique Session ?

Each lesson is 50 minutes.

Please allow 70 minutes for the first session as a client consultation is included.

How Many Lessons will I need?

A course of 6-12 weekly lessons with 10-20 minutes of daily practice in semi-supine is recommended.

Wendy offers the following specialist Alexander Technique programmes:

  • Horse-riding with ease and harmony
  • Ageing well: moving with ease, coordination and balance
  • Improving posture for health and wellbeing
  • Coping with the changing body during pregnancy
  • Improving performance for sports and business professionals
  • Looking and feeling great in your body
  • Managing stress or pain
  • Building confidence
  • Improving stage performance for actors or musicians


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