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Reviews from Anastazia’s clients:

The following reviews are from Anastazia’s clients. Some of them have been given to her by her clients with permission to publish on this page, and some of them have been published directly on one of our online review pages.

Anastazia is professional, caring and effective. Her sensitive approach to my anxiety has helped me to understand and deal with it. She is warm and approachable and I can’t thank her enough for her help. I have recommended her to family and friends as I have absolute confidence in her skill as a practitioner. Liz on

After at least 20 years of misdiagnosis and lack of support within the mental health industry, I finally got a diagnosis from Anastazia and the treatment that has got me to a better place than I can remember for a very very long time. Anastazia is professional, approachable, warm and kind and on accessions went above the call of duty to help me through difficult times. Should I want to develop myself in the future I wouldn’t consider going to any other therapist and have already recommended her to both family and friends. D Pearce on

My teenage daughter came to see Anastasia to help with her anxiety, she immediately made her feel comfortable and was easy to talk to. Anastasia helped her tremendously and also noticed and worked on some OCD Behaviours which we were unaware of. My daughters outlook has changed so much and she has become a lot more confident. I would definitely recommend Anastasia. From Anonymous on

My daughter has been seeing Anastazia since last June. She was suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks. She had previously seen other counselors but to no avail. Anastazia has helped immensely, she has helped my daughter deal with her issues and continues to support her. I don’t know where we would be if she hadn’t been there. She’s brilliant! From Anonymous on