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Medical weight loss and weight loss injections from AnnLynnSolutions

“The professionals in weight loss management by injectable treatment SAXENDA.”

Who are AnnLynnSolutions?

Lynn runs her CQC-approved business, supporting clients with medical weight loss at Cheshire Lasers Clinic.

Lynn has had a career in the NHS and is a Registered Independent Nurse Prescriber, she is also registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and is a member of the Royal College of Nursing and Diabetes UK.

Lynn has over 30 years of experience in the NHS/Pharmaceutical and Private Sector. She has worked as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse for the last 17 years in Cheshire and Staffordshire. She has also been a Key Account Manager in Diabetes for the Pharmaceutical Industry specialising in Injectable therapy to aid weight loss. Lynn is a qualified member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and also as an educator to fellow professionals in all areas of Diabetes.

Why choose AnnLynnSolutions?

As a specialist within the field of Diabetes, Lynn has been skillfully and successfully using injectable medication in aiding weight loss for over 12 years. She can, therefore, offer this client-centered weight loss service to a very high standard. Lynn prides herself on her reputation and works within the strict NMC code of conduct and NICE guidance.

Your safety is priority; her practice is current; ethical, evidence-based, and bespoke to each individual needs.

AnnLynnSolutions offer the following:

  • Full Confidential assessment and personalised weight loss plan
  • Education regarding meal planning, carbohydrate and calorie awareness
  • Private prescriptions according to individualised needs
  • Specific coaching regarding injection technique and ongoing monitoring
  • Managing symptoms, changing habits and support with reaching targets and goals
  • Face to face review and telephone support as required
  • Referrals onto other Health care providers if appropriate

This weight loss service has full CQC Registration for your safety at Cheshire Lasers.

Am I suitable for Saxenda treatment?

To see if you are suitable AnnLynn solutions ask that you fill in their health form and send it to them for assessment. Lynn will check if you are suitable and will arrange a phone call with you to discuss further.

If you are suitable and wish to go ahead with the program Lynn will arrange a face-to-face consultation with you.

Download AnnLynn solutions health form here.

Alternatively, call into Cheshire Lasers Clinic and we can give you a form, or contact Lynn and they will post a form to you.

How does Saxenda work?

Saxenda is a once-daily injection that you administer to yourself to aid weight loss. It contains the active ingredient Liraglutide, which is very similar to a naturally occurring hormone in your body called GLP-1. It works by making you feel less hungry, slowing down the emptying of your stomach and making you feel ‘fuller’ for longer.

How do I take Saxenda?

When you take Saxenda you need to gradually increase your dose until you reach what is called the maintenance dose.

Increasing the dose slowly over time should minimise the risk of possible side effects. AnnLynnSolutions will support and guide you through this.

Whats side effects occur when taking Saxenda?

During your consultation, Annand Lynn will go through all the possible side effects.

Nausea, diarrhoea and sometimes vomiting can occur.

Whats does a consultation for weight loss injections involve?

The consultation usually takes an hour during this time the following will be covered:

  • Health Form to ensure suitability and accuracy
  • Discuss intentions and goals regarding treatment
  • Discuss the treatment and what to expect
  • Demonstrate injection and give you written information about how to administer it
  • Agree on the initial treatment plan
  • Sign consent forms
  • Agree on the next contact date
  • Discuss other services regarding support

How much will I have to pay for the weight loss service?

The first consultation is £200

This includes a private prescription for 1 pen.
There is a non-refundable deposit of £50 when booking your 1st appointment which will be deducted from your consultation fee.

Further Charges

Further Face to Face consultations £50 + pen charge
GP letter/opinion £25.00
Consultant Letter/opinion £35.00

How much will I have to pay for the Saxenda Pens?

A pen can last you anything from a week to a month. This will depend on the dose of the treatment you are taking.

Please contact AnnLynn solutions for the price of the pens.

How do I contact AnnLynn solutions?


Lynn Ramsay RN – 07305677365