Glo Signature Facial

Glo skin beauty facial Cheshire

Who do you recommend the Glo Skin Beauty Signature Facial for:

We recommend the Glo Skin Beauty Signature Facial for all skin types from dry to oily skin, dull or uneven skin tone and ageing skin. It is also beneficial for skin prone to breakouts and mild grades of acne.

The Glo Enzyme Facial smooths the skin’s surface by breaking down and removing keratinized skin cell build-up. It contains antioxidants which are anti-inflammatory and have nourishing benefits.

This signature facial introduces you to glō∙therapeutics professional skincare. Your skin therapist will customize the treatment based on your skin type and concerns, focusing on your skin’s specific needs while incorporating massage techniques for deep relaxation. Nourishing and reparative ingredients help reveal a softer, revitalized complexion. Plus, you will leave with a better understanding of your skin and how to care for it in order to maintain a lasting, healthy glō.

How often should I have a treatment?

You can have this treatment as often as once a week or once a month if you prefer. You try a single treatment where we can assess your skin and we can recommend key products to use at home to give you optimal enhanced results.

What does a Glo Skin Beauty Signature Facial involve?

This facial includes a mask and a steam treatment to provide a level 1 exfoliation.

This treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes unless you opt for a Luxury Enzyme Facial which includes a hand and arm massage and lasts 60 minutes.

PRE-CLEANSE / MAKEUP REMOVALUsing our Gentle Conditioning Cleanser.
CLEANSEThe face is cleansed with a Glo Skin Beauty Cleanser depending on your skin type while performing a gentle massage.
TONE/ PREPAREThe cleanser is rinsed away, then Glo Conditioning Tonic or Mist prepare the skin.
EXFOLIATEA Glo Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub is then applied with steam for 5-10 minutes for additional exfoliation benefits before it is removed with a warm towel.
MASSAGEThe face, neck and décolleté are then massaged with Glo Orange Tea Massage Cream.
MASKA Glo Mask is then applied according to your skin type. The mask is left on the skin for 10 minutes leaving you time to relax unless you opt for the luxury facial in which case you will then enjoy a hand and arm massage.
The mask is then removed with a warm towel.
BOOSTA Vitamin C serum is then applied to the face to boost brighten and provide antioxidant benefits.
HYDRATEA small amount of GloPure Hydration, Glo B5 Hydration or Glo Advanced B5 Hydration are then applied to boost the water content in the skin depending on your hydration needs.
MOISTURIZEA Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizer is then be applied depending on the needs of your skin.
EYE & LIPGlo Eye Restore is then applied to the eye area and Glo Lip Revival is applied to hydrate the lips.
PROTECTAn SPF 50 that is most suitable for your skin is then applied to complete the treatment.

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