Dr Priyanka Vaidya GP and Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Priyanka is currently focussing all her time in General Practice due to the increased demand on the NHS caused by the COVID pandemic. We hope she will resume her services soon.

Dr Priyanka Vaidya studied medicine at the University of Bristol, having received a medical scholarship from Mauritius. She completed her training to be a GP in Manchester where she is now a locum GP. She is popular with her patients who praise her for her holistic approach and wonderful communication skills.

Dr Priyanka’s Special Interests

Dr Priyanka has an interest in skin problems and started developing her career in aesthetic medicine in 2015. She has since become passionate about skin problems such as pigmentation, sun damage, melasma, inflammatory skin problems and under-eye dark circles. Dr Priyanka also has a specialist interest in rejuvenating skin therapies such as Plasma rich platelet therapy which she also uses extensively for hair loss. She likes to keep abreast of the latest changes in the world of aesthetics, attending only evidence-based training.

A perfectionist at heart she always makes sure that she gives the best possible result she can to her patients, and focuses on their particular areas of concern. She always sends every patient she has treated customised treatment plan to explain the treatments they have had and giving them further advice as Dr Vaidya believes each patient should be able to make an informed choice when it comes to their health.

Dr Priyanka Combines her Aesthetic Treatments with Functional Medicine

Her desire to give patients the best led her to discover the world of functional medicine. Dr Vaidya went on to complete her training at the prestigious Institute of Functional medicine. Functional medicine is a systems-oriented, science-based approach that involves taking a patient’s biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and environmental exposures into account when looking for the cause of a specific medical issue or set of symptoms.

Always a firm believer of using a holistic approach to the restoration of skin health and beauty, this led her to apply the concepts of functional medicine to treatment of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, sun damage. Her approach is quite revolutionary in that she combines cutting edge aesthetic treatments along side well designed individualised care plans based on diet, lifestyle and genetics to further enhance effect of cosmetic treatments. In fact her functional medicine approach has proved to be quite popular and she has also extended her focus from skin health to other conditions like depression and digestive health.

Striving to bring the best to her patients, she has also undertaken training in Bioidentical hormone therapy. Hormonal imbalances have a significant effect on skin health and general wellbeing. She is now incorporating this in her functional medicine practice and as part of her aesthetic treatments.
As part of her functional medicine approach, she puts great emphasis on diet and sometimes have recourse to supplements to enhance skin health and general health. Often enough due to certain factors supplements are not always readily absorbed in the body. In a quest to optimise each patient nutritional needs, Dr Vaidya has recently trained in Intravenous Therapy which provides an alternative safe route to replenish nutritional deficiencies.

How often is Dr Priyanka at Cheshire Lasers Clinic?

Dr Priyanka provides her services at Cheshire Lasers approximately once or twice a week.

How do I book an appointment with Dr Priyanka?

Phone 01606 841255 to arrange a consultation.

She charges a £50 consultation fee payable at the time of booking but this deducted off any treatment you have with her.

Dr Priyanka has a 48 hour cancellation policy.

How do I contact Dr Priyanka?

Should you need to contact her to discuss a treatment directly contact Dr Priyanka Vaidya by:
Email on prika@doctors.org.uk
Phone on 07585007034

Dr Priyanka Vaidya specialises in the following treatments:

View Dr Priyanka’s Prices:

Aesthetic Consultations£50 deductible from any treatment you have with her.
Botox 1 area£160
Botox 2 areas£260
Botox 3 areas£300
Botox Additional Small Areas £70
Men Extra £20/ area as bigger muscles
Botox Full Neck£400
Masseter / Jaw Botox Treatment £240 / session
The 8 point face lift using Juvederm£450
Juvederm Ultra 2 0.55ml£190
Juvederm Ultra 3 1ml£250
Juvederm Ultra 4 1ml£250
Juvederm Voluma 1ml£350
Juvederm Voluma 2ml£550
Belotero Volume Lidocaine 1mlFrom £270
Belotero Lidocaine 1ml£240
Lip Volumisation with Filler
Juvederm Ultra Smile 0.55ml£200
Juvederm Volift 0.55ml£200
Juvederm Volift 1ml£260
Juvederm Volbella 1ml£270
RRS MesotherapyStarting from £250 / treatment
RRS MesotherapyBuy 3 treatments get 1 free.
Xela Rederm Redermalization TreatmentStarting from £250 / treatment
PRP ” Dracula / Vampire Therapy”
PRP with Microneedling£500
PRP Injections with Mesogun£600
Manual Microneedling using the Genuine Dermaroller: £250
The Perfect Peel £300
Skincare Nutrition Consultation – 45 minutes£80
Probiotic Facialsstart from £90
Course of 3 Probiotic Facials£250
Functional Medicine Consultation 60 minutes£200
Functional Medicine Review 30 minutes£80
Functional Medicine Phone Review 20 minutes£50