Skin Problems and the Gut

Are conventional treatments not helping your skin anymore?

Have you ever found that the moment you stop your prescription creams your skin problems comes back with a vengeance?

Have you spent money in vain on all sorts of over the counter creams to help with persistent rashes?

If you identify with the above scenarios, then this might be just for you.

Does treating your skin from the outside help?

When it comes to dermatological conditions whether it is eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or acne, we have for too long focused our attention on the outer skin without addressing the root cause of the disease.

This may explain why, for so many of us, treatments are only temporary. It is like fixing a leaky tap by putting a stopper on it rather than looking into the defective plumbing and finding the source of the leak.

What is causing my skin problem?

Eczema, psoriasis and acne are all believed to be due to a problem with the skins barrier function. This causes the skin to be porous and leaky and it is no longer able to protect us. This allows toxic pollutants in the environment, harsh chemicals and even our skincare products can damage the skin’s barrier further.

How are the skin and gut-related?

To best answer this, we need to understand the concept of leaky skin and its relationship with the gut.

This skin barrier compromise is believed to be caused by our gut becoming leaky. Just like the skin, the gut has a barrier that filters our food particles. When this becomes impaired, chemicals that are not meant to enter the blood stream, filter through and trigger a cascade of inflammation, attacking our entire body, especially the largest organ which is our skin.

A small study has shown the more severe your gut leakiness is, the more severe the eczema becomes.

How does the gut become leaky?

The top causes of a leaky gut are some of the food we eat, with dairy and gluten being the commonest culprits. Antibiotic use, environmental toxins and stress are other causes.

Interestingly  and are targetting the gut dysfunction by addressing stress level, the food we eat and, limiting antibiotic use.

How do I address this further?

These above findings are indeed groundbreaking and serve as a hope for all those who are continually battling with skin issues. There is hope out there so do not despair and look forward to clear skin.

At Cheshire Lasers Dr Priyanka Vaidya a GP who specialises in Functional Medicine can help. She can perform a full holistic assessment of your problem and advice further on how to manage your problem.

Why not get in touch with us to schedule a skin consultation with her.