Powerform Case Studies

EMsella Powerform Pelvic floor exercises

Cheshire Lasers is evaluating our new V-Plus Pelvic Floor Treatment

Cheshire Lasers has one of the first Powerform V-Plus chair treatments for strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

We are looking for case studies for our pelvic floor strengthening treatment. This will help us evaluate the effect this treatment has in general and also assess the other added benefits to this treatment.

Treating the pelvic floor can be difficult and time consuming for people especially if you have a full and busy life. It can also help a variety of problems the most common being stress incontinence.

The Benefits of Treatment:

emsella power form pelvic floor treatment

Would you be interested in being a case study for our Pelvic Floor Treatment?

If so we are happy to provide a course of eight treatments for only £300.

In return we ask if you would complete the following:

We recommend you have two treatments every week, for 4 weeks.

To be a case study please complete this form and contact us to see if you are suitable.

You will be given a client number. After which please complete this pelvic floor assessment form before your first treatment.

We will ask you to complete a similar form after 4 and 8 treatments for feedback about your experience and to see if our treatment has benefited you in any other way.

All information is strictly confidential and is not shared.