Powerform Case Studies

EMsella Powerform Pelvic floor exercises

Cheshire Lasers evaluation of  V-Plus Pelvic Floor Treatment

Cheshire Lasers purchased one of the first Powerform V-Plus chair treatments for strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

We performed come case studies this pelvic floor strengthening treatment, to help us evaluate the effect this treatment has in general and also assess the other added benefits of this treatment.

Treating the pelvic floor can be difficult and time consuming for people especially if you have a full and busy life. It can also help a variety of problems the most common being stress incontinence.

The Benefits of Treatment:

emsella power form pelvic floor treatment

How did we assess case study’s for our Pelvic Floor Treatment?

We recommended  two treatments every week, for 4 weeks.

We asked case studies to complete the following forms:

To allow us to assess their experience to see  the benefits of the treatment.

We will also asked  for feedback to share with other patients interested in this treatment.

View the Feedback we had from our Case Studies