At Cheshire Lasers we provide a range of Microneedling Treatments.

Dr Priyanka Vaidya provides Dermaroller treatments on the body and face.
Dr Teri Johnson provides Dermapen on the face.
Aestheticians Kate and Natasha provide Eds Electronic Derma Stam treatments on the face.

How do the different Microneedling Treatments differ ?

The Dermaroller treatments are usually better for larger body treatments. They can be performed quicker than the electronic devices.

The Electronic Devices are  faster on the face as most areas on the face are curved and more difficult to treat with a roller. The treatments with the electronic devices are usually less painful because the vibration caused by the device distracts from the needling sensation. The devices allow the practitioner to control the depth and speed of the treatment to give a more precise result.  The Dermapen and EDS are almost the same except the Dermapen can be set to go a little bit deeper if needed.  Going deeper is rarely required as it rarely improves the results, but can cause more adverse effects.

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