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Botox is the name most often used for various cosmetic and medical treatments performed by doctors and nurses using Botulinum toxin. Botox is a protein and neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Botox is one of the first brand names used for this prescription only treatment and is produced by Allergan.

In February 06, a licence was given for the use of Botox for some cosmetic treatments. It was then re branded as Vistabel and shortly after Galderma launched Azzalure in the UK followed by Mertz pharma launching Boucouture. All of these prescription only medicines are a type of Botulinum toxin type A .

Botulinum toxin type A blocks impulses that cause the facial muscles to contract. The action is never permanent and wears of after 3 to 4 months. Facial lines are caused by repeated use of the facial muscles of expression such as squinting and frowning. Therefore reducing the amount of facial muscle movement causes lines to be softened.

Doctors have used Botulinum Toxin type A in medical practice for over 25 years for treatment of muscle spasticity in conditions such as cerebral palsy, dystonia and facial spasms. Botox has also been shown to improve headaches such as migraines when areas in the upper part of the face are treated and hyperhydrosis ( excessive sweating).

Data shows treatments are safe with a few short term side effects such as minimal bruising at the injection sites and minor headaches which are short lived. Some people worry that Botox may be dangerous, however administered in the correct manner by a skilled medical professional carries very little risk.

New research shows botulinum toxin treatments to the upper third of the face delay ageing, find out more.


Popular treatments performed include:

Wrinkle relaxing treatments are not recommended in anyone who:

If you are taking herbal or medical treatments you must discuss this our doctor or Nurse Practitioner before any treatment.

What should you do and not do after Botox?

What are the risks and side effects of Botox®?


Botox treatments are performed by:

Dr Teri Johnson our medical Director and owner of M C Treatments she lives in Middlewich. She has been performing Botox treatments in her Cheshire clinics since 2006. Dr Johnson trained in Botox treatments with BCAM (The British College of Aesthetic Medicine), since then she has attended many courses and conferences to further her education and maintain and improve her skills in Botox treatments and has been treated over 5000 patients since 2006. Find out about her Botox and Aesthetic training here.

Moira Grobicki Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Independent Nurse Prescriber of Jouvence Aesthetics who lives in Middlewich and has been working in Aesthetics since 2016.

Dr Priyanka Vaidya a part time GP in Manchester who has an interest in skin problems. She started developing her carer in aesthetic medicine in 2015. She likes to keep abreast of the latest changes in the world of aesthetics and ensure that she enrolls in the most evidence based training.

Patricia Goodwin Consultant Nurse Practitioner and Independent Prescriber has been performing Botox reatments since 2007 and practices from Cheshire Lasers every 2-3 weeks.

Jan Birch Consultant Nurse Practitioner and Independent Prescriber with an expertise in dermatology She was trained in cosmetic Botox in 2002 at am Allergan course by David Eccleston. She then attended advanced courses in migraine and lower face, neck, gummy smile, tip of nose etc. She undertook a vistabel validation programme, accredited by the Healthcare commission (2007) consisting of an exam, viva, practical. Jan practices at Cheshire Lasers every 3-4 weeks.

Dr Teri Johnson has been performing Botox treatments in her Cheshire clinics since 2006 she specialises in treating the following areas:

Moira Grobicki has been performing Botox treatments since 20017 she currently treats the following areas:


Patricia Goodwin has been performing Botox treatments since 2007. Patricia specialises in treating the following:


Dr Priyanka Vaidya has been performing Botox treatments since 2015. Dr Priyanka Vaidya specialises in treating the following:

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