Womens Health Reflexology

Reflexology treatments Middlewich Cheshire

Sharron Roughton has a keen interest in working within the field of women’s health and reflexology.

Here is a list of the Reflexology services she provides:

1. Pre-Conception care

2. Supporting the Maternity Journey through Pregnancy and Labour

3. Menopause Transition

4. NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP)

NEPIP is a unique treatment routine. This is an effective treatment working with the nervous, endocrine, and immune system with powerful focussed intent in the form of client guided visualisation. This unique treatment approach has been very popular in helping improve mood, aid sleep and relieve pain and tension. The result is an overall sense of wellbeing. This advanced treatment can be useful in improving symptoms of Stress, Migraine and Pain and much more.


5. Stress

Reflexology and Stress
Stress in the workplace is very common today, as is the impact of this on our daily living, this advanced Reflexology Treatment enables a link between therapist and patient to help channel and enable self-healing with a guided visualisation.

6. Migraine

Reflexology and Migraine
There are a host of alternative treatments available for migraine. Reflexology for migraine is gaining more attention as people look outside of traditional medicine for help. Reflexology has a long history of pain treatment, and so has been tried for various types of headaches. Migraine is more complex than a simple headache, or simply pain. Reflexology attempts to treat the body and not just the symptoms.

How effective is it? Perhaps the best-known study of reflexology for migraine was done in the mid-90s in Denmark. 220 patients were in the trial, and 16% saw a drastic improvement of their symptoms. 65% believed that reflexology had been some help.

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