Body Massage Treatments

These treatments are performed by Natasha and Laura.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This treatment is a rejuvenating massage concentrating on the back, neck and shoulder muscles. This treatment is sequenced to relax and ease tension from all areas from the body where muscle tension can often occur. This treatment is suitable to anybody who wants to relieve stress, improve their circulation and posture, relax the muscles and improve flexibility.

This 25 minute massage is extremely relaxing and will be leaving the treatment room calm and rejuvenated.

Allow 30 minutes

Choose from:

Swedish Massage with Natasha- £32
Deep Tissue Massage with Natasha – £32

Full Body Massage

This relaxing treatment is the ultimate skin and body therapy suitable for anybody, especially if you have a stressed and busy lifestyle.

This 55 minute treatment works on every part of the body having a back, neck and shoulder routine, working on the feet, back and front of legs, abdominal region, arms, face and scalp. This treatment improves flexibility and blood circulation, helps relive muscle tension, breaks down toxins in the body and speeds up your metabolism. Stressed out muscles are usually caused by a combination of physical and emotional stress and a full body massage is just what you need to leave feeling calm and relaxed.

Allow 60 minutes

Natasha provides these treatments choose from:
Swedish Massage – £48
Deep Tissue Massage – £55

Laura provides a range of Full Body Massage treatments – £55.

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