Fungal Nail Test

fungal nail test

5 Minute Fungal Nail Test

Discoloured, Damaged, Thickened Nail? Is it Fungal or Not?

Samantha Hatton our podiatrist now offers a quick, painless and highly accurate fungal nail test within only 5 minutes of taking a nail sample!

This new clinical diagnostic test, developed in Japan has been brought to the United Kingdom by renowned Podiatrist, author and researcher, Dr Ivan Bristow.

This simple and effective Five Minute Fungal Nail Test is transforming the way foot healthcare professionals diagnose dermatophyte (fungal) nail infections.
Rapid Results in just a few minutes, whilst you wait.

What are the benefits of the Test?

No need to send your nail clippings to the NHS laboratory
No long waiting time for results, which may take up to 4 weeks via NHS
Detects the presence of all common fungus types from the smallest sample of nail
Immediate diagnosis, allowing us to initiate treatment without delay
Scientifically proven to give highly accurate and reliable results

What does the 5 Minute Test do?

The test confirms the presence of dermatophytes and thus fungal nail infection in a small nail sample by a process known as immune-chromatography. If the test is negative, then fungal nail infection is not present which mean the deformity is most likely due to other nail pathologies.

How accurate is the Test?

The Five Minute Nail Fungus Test has been shown to have an accuracy of 97% in published studies– meaning you can be confident in the test results.

How much nail do you need?

Due to the sensitivity of the test, only a small amount of nail specimen is required.

Is there reliable scientific evidence that the Test really works?

Yes, the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test has undergone rigorous testing and to date, a number of scientific publications documenting its success have appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of Dermatology.

Is the test accurate if I am already using anti-fungal treatments?

Yes, anti-fungal treatments have no effect on the result of the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test. This is unlike the usual mycology testing undertaken by the NHS, which can provide false-negative results when on anti-fungal treatments.

What is the cost of the 5 Minute Fungal Nail Test?​

A 5-minute test is £40.

The price includes taking a small nail sample, performing the test and confirming the results.  With your consent, Samantha can inform your GP of the test result if it is positive.

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5 minute fungal nail test