Consent Forms

Cheshire Lasers Consent Form

Cheshire Lasers Medical History form 

This is for Endymed, Ultraformer, Thermaclinic, CACI, Skin Peels.


Cheshire Lasers Skin Consultation Form

This is for skin problems, skin prone to breakouts, peels etc.


Laser  and IPL Forms


Consent form to complete before telephone/video consultation for laser and or IPL treatment

Part 2 Laser and IPL Consent form to complete online before patch test appointment.

Complete laser and IPL consultation form ( parts one and two together)


Laser Hair Reduction


Laser and IPL Hair Reduction Treatment Advice, Terms and Conditions.


Tattoo Removal Forms:


Tattoo question pre-consultation 

Tattoo Removal Information Leaftlet Terms and Conditions.

Photography Consent Form

Photography consent form 

Dr Teri’s Forms


Dr Teri Johnson’s new consultation client form

Dr Teri’s existing patient update form

The patient is looking for a new treatment
The patient has had treatment elsewhere since last seen
If the patient’s medical history has changed

Very Brief medical health form

Requesting their usual treatment but have not been seen in the last 18 months or longer
Not had treatment elsewhere and no significant change in medical history.


New Patient Form

New patient enquiry form

For clients who are unsure if they are suitable for treatment or unsure who is the best person to see for their problem.

From the information given we can decide who is the most skilled practitioner for providing the most appropriate treatment.

After this form is completed we can call you and discuss who we think will be able to help you the most with your problem and arrange a consultation.

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