Semi Permanent Makeup Removal

laser semi permanent eyebrow removal

How do you Remove Semi Permanent Makeup and Microbladed EyeBrows?

At Cheshire Lasers, we use our Lynton Lumina Q Switched laser to remove semi-permanent makeup eyebrows and micro-bladed eyebrows. This is the same machine we use for removing conventional tattoos. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove eyeliner or lip liner this way.

Can you Correct an Area Instead of Removing the Entire Brow?

Depending on your concern, we can treat small areas to correct your eyebrows, or we can treat the whole eyebrow.

How does Laser Semi Permanent Makeup Removal Work?

The laser cracks the semi-permanent makeup pigment tattooed into the skin to create smaller pigment particles. The body then breaks down these smaller particles and removes them slowly over time.

How often will I need Treatment?

We normally recommend a treatment every 6 -12 weeks. This depends on how quickly you want it to fade.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

Most people need between 3-6 treatments. This will depend on whether you want the pigment to fade or go completely.

Unwanted Effects from Laser Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment?

The commonest unwanted reactions often seen after laser treatment of semi-permanent make-up are:

  • eyebrow hair reduction
  • a change in the colour of brow pigment

Approximately 10% of the eyebrow hairs can be destroyed due to the laser treatment. Although we move these hairs out of the way during the removal process to prevent this as much as possible. In most cases, these hairs grow back, but the outcome varies from person to person.  Eyebrow hairs can also temporarily go paler, but you can tint these a week after the treatment.

The laser oxidises the pigment in the skin during treatment; when this occurs the pigmentation can change colour. Depending on the pigment, it can go darker in colour, or the colour can change to an orangey/rusty colour. Once the pigment is oxidised it can then be treated in subsequent treatment.

What Will My Brows Look Like After Treatment?

You may see frosting and whitening of the pigment immediately after treatment, it is also common to see some pinpoint bleeding and some swelling. The reaction usually settles after 1-2 weeks.

How long Before I can Have Further Semi Permanent Makeup?

After laser treatment, we recommend you wait 8-12 weeks before commencing treatment.

Please ask us the exact time we recommend you wait as this will depend on many factors.

How Much is Laser Treatment of Semi Permanent Makeup?

You can view all our Laser Prices here

View our Before And After Images of Laser Semi Permanent Makeup Removal


Before and after one treatment

before and after tattoo brow removal

Before and after two treatments  and then four treatments (also had brow hair tint)

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