Thread Vein Treatments

At Cheshire Lasers, we provide thread vein removal treatments for the tiny veins found on the face and legs.

These red veins are also called thread veins or spider veins. They are the tiny visible veins that can be red, purple or blue in appearance and have a web-like appearance. Their web-like appearance is what inspired the name ‘spider veins’.

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What is the best Thread Vein Removal Treatment for Facial Thread veins?

1. Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments are one of the most effective treatments for the removal of facial veins. The treatment involves directing light at the veins from outside the skin, this light damages the vein which stimulates the body to remove it.

These treatments also reduce redness on the face in the area around the vein. They also treat spider naevi and cherry angiomas located anywhere on the body.

At Cheshire Lasers our NVQ Level 4 IPL and Laser technician performs all our Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) facial thread vein removal treatments .

Laser and IPL treatments require no sun exposure or suntan for at least 4 weeks before and after each treatment if you can not avoid a suntan you may want to consider electrocautery or electrolysis for thread veins.

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2. Electrocautery and Electrolysis

Advanced electrocautery and Advanced electrolysis are also very effective treatments for removing thread veins. It involves inserting a very fine needle into the thread veins and applying a tiny amount of electric current. The needle destroys all the tissue it touches and the body then heals and repairs the area . Advanced electrocautery is performed by Aesthetic Nurse Moira and advanced electrolysis is performed by Aesthetician Helena Fryer.

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What is the best Thread Vein Removal Treatment for Leg Thread veins?

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for leg veins. This is an injectable treatment that can treat the entire vein. Studies show that sclerotherapy is more effective and the results last longer when compared to laser or IPL for treating leg thread veins.

At Cheshire Lasers, Moira Grobicki Aesthetic Nurse performs Sclerotherapy thread vein removal.

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You can find out more about Sclerotherapy thread vein removal at Cheshire Lasers here. 

Why is Sclerotherapy better for Leg thread vein removal?

Leg thread veins can occur due to ageing, sun exposure and trauma to the skin. However they also develop due to backwards blood flow from larger veins when the valves are no longer functioning properly. If these underlying faulty veins are untreated, they will cause more reflux in the healthier veins causing them to dilate and cause more unsightly thread veins.

The light used to treat the veins with laser and IPL can only treat the veins close to the skin surface. Treating these superficial thread veins in the skin without treating the deeper incompetent veins can cause spider vein treatment to fail.

Sclerotherapy can address some of these deeper thread veins as well.

Do you treat Varicose Veins?

Cheshire Lasers does not provide varicose vein treatments. Varicose veins are much more complex to treat and are a vascular surgeon is the best person to treat them.

Several of our clients have highly recommended the Vein Centre which is a specialist centre that treats only veins. They have two clinics close to Cheshire one in Manchester and the other in Stoke on Trent. The Vein Centre’s website explains which treatments are available for varicose veins and how they work.

Varicose veins treatments available include: