Profhilo Structura 

Profhilo Structura Middlewich Cheshire

Introducing Profhilo Structura

Profhilo Structura is an exciting new treatment that regenerates the superficial fatty tissue under the skin. In the same way that Profhilo restores skin cells, Structura restores the tissues in the adipose layer of the skin to give a lifting, contouring effect. It is the first and only treatment available in 2024 with evidence that it can stimulate the cells in this layer.

How does Profhilo Structura differ from Profhilo?

Structura contains more Hyaluronic Acid (90mg/2ml ) than Profhilo (64mg/2ml), which means it behaves differently in the tissues.

Standard Profhilo spreads easily through the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin.

Structura spreads in the fatty tissue, activating ageing adipose fat cell receptors and encouraging them to mimic the behaviour of their youth. This improves fat cell quality and a lifting effect. Structura is clinically proven to restore superficial fat to its original position, effectively reducing facial hollows and skin laxity, resulting in a more lifted, contoured, and rejuvenated facial profile.

Like the original Profhilo, Structura is not a filler. The results people achieve are due to tissue regeneration.

Both treatments offer unique rejuvenation and anti-ageing benefits tailored to different concerns and treatment areas.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is quick and easy to perform with minimal discomfort. A cannula inserts the product into the correct layer and position, and an immediate lifting effect can often be seen. The product then gets to work, stimulating the cells in the adipose layer. A second treatment is required 30 days later to continue the process and achieve visible results.

There is minimal downtime, so you can go about your day after treatment.

Maintenance and Follow-up

Maintenance treatments are typically every four to six months to maintain the results, depending on a person’s individual response.

Who is suitable for Treatment?

We recommend Structura treatment for patients with well-defined structures that need superficial enhancement. It is a popular choice for those seeking natural, subtle improvements without a drastic change in facial volume.

There are different treatment protocols depending on how you have aged.

Patients are usually either:

  • ‘Sinkers’ – thin faces with facial hollowing needing lateral volume. Profile 1.
  • ‘Saggers’ – heavier faces with skin descent due to laxity, slight jowl formation and flatting of the cheek. By injecting along their cheekbone and in front of their ear, we can achieve more reshaping in a natural, balanced manner. Profile 2.

Profhilo structura Cheshire ageing profile suitable for treatment

Is Profhilo Structura Safe?

So far, studies have shown no concerning adverse events.
Patients have reported high satisfaction and have also shown an increase in skin thickness and texture.

Can I combine Structura with other treatments?

It can be used alongside other aesthetic treatments, including Botox and Fillers. Treating each layer of the face according to its needs ensures a holistic improvement for best results.

Before and After Profhilo Structura

Profhilo Structura Middlewich Cheshire

before and after Profhilo Structura Cheshire