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The art of threading for hair removal – is now available again at Cheshire lasers.

This ancient art of eyebrow shaping and hair removal originates from Asia. It is now available to male and female clients at the Cheshire Laser Clinic.

Threading has fast become the celebrities’ preferred method for shaping perfect eyebrows and removing hair.

We are lucky to have one of Cheshire’s Threading Experts now working here at Cheshire Lasers Clinic. She will analyse your eyebrows or facial hair and advise you on the perfect solution. She can also remove hair from the chin, lips and face.

Each threading experience is personal, private and nothing short of perfection.

The end result for eyebrows is a precise, symmetrical and accurate arch which also defines your facial features amazingly. The results are a real confidence booster.

For hair removal, the treatment is kinder to the skin and is also less traumatic than waxing as no heat or chemicals are applied. No hair removal treatment can ever be pain-free. However, we use a wonderful desensitising Witch-hazel Solution that will make your threading experience as pleasurable as can be.

Regrowth is finer, softer and smoother – retraining unruly eyebrows to grow in a more flattering direction.

The frequency of your threading experience will depend on personal hair re-growth. Most clients visit us at Cheshire Lasers every 3-4 weeks.

To book your threading experience – for eyebrows, upper lip, chin or the face – call the reception desk at Cheshire Lasers Clinic on 01606 841255.

Or book online here:

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Who performs Threading at Cheshire Lasers?

Jade performs all the threading at Cheshire Lasers; she has her own business Beautology. She has many years of experience and has had many recommendations.

Can I combine my Threading Treatment with Tinting?

Jade often combines her threading treatments with eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

She also offers a premium brow treatment known as Ultrabrows, which is similar to the popular HD Brows treatment.

How much is Threading at Cheshire Lasers

You can find out more about Jade and view all her prices here.

threading eyebrow treatment Middlewich Cheshire