Bereavement Counselling

bereavement counselling Middlewich Cheshire

Bereavement Counselling is provided at Cheshire Lasers by Jamie Forster

Whats is Bereavement Counselling?

Bereavement counselling is a specialist type of counselling that focuses on the loss of a special person in your life.  It helps you work through the feelings of grief and together with your counsellor, you can work thought the overwhelming and often chaotic thinking that is associated with the loss of a loved one.

In addition to this, Jamie offers therapy specific to pet bereavement, as the loss of our beloved pets can be very traumatic to some and challenging to overcome.  Here at Cheshire Lasers, no loss is too big or too small, and Jamie fully understands that any loss can lead to significant and long-lasting problems.

What are the processes of Grief?

Bereavement is one of the most difficult times in any person’s life, and it can catch us completely off guard.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve, as it is a very personal process that affects each of us very differently.  Many different emotions can be felt right after a significant loss, including:

  • numbness
  • shock
  • anger
  • guilt
  • sadness
  • depression
  • pain
  • longing
  • desperation

Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for this process and people can jump between emotions for months or even years!

The loss of a beloved family member, a friend or even a pet can lead a person into a long cycle of loss and grief that can feel overwhelming.

How can Bereavement Counselling help?

Counselling can be a place where you can try to make sense of the chaos that you are feeling.  It is a place where you can be yourself and grieve in the way you need to without having to worry about how it may be affecting the loved ones that are left.  You can talk openly about any of the experiences you are having in a safe environment.  Talking to a warm and empathetic ‘stranger’ can be a hugely rewarding experience and may help you get to a place where you can remember your special person or pet in a way that brings joy to your heart and get beyond the sadness of your loss.

The grieving process is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. However, in counselling, you can explore the emotional and practicalities of your loss, whatever the form. Working together with your therapist can help you find your new normal!

Find out more about Jamie, her training and experience and bereavement counselling prices at Cheshire Lasers here.