Dietitian for Weight Loss

weight loss dietician diet Cheshire

Dietitian specialising in healthy eating for weight loss

Kelly Jackson is a highly experienced dietitian local to Middlewich, offering private appointments at Cheshire Lasers specifically for weight loss advice.  She has UK professional registration and is a member of both the Health and Care Professions Council and British Dietetic Association.

Kelly specialises in weight management using a holistic approach, helping people to successfully lose weight through healthy eating and lifestyle.  Her success is not just down to dietary expertise. She also has experience in behavioural modification and counselling techniques, very important skills when promoting effective weight loss.  A full assessment will look at adjustments to eating patterns and overall lifestyle.  In particular, looking at portion sizes, hydration, physical activity, quality of sleep and mindful eating.
The eat well plate is a good visual aid, maybe alongside a picture of hydration and a hunger and satisfaction guide.

Kelly Jackson is no longer with us,  We hope to have a new dietician joining us soon.