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mole removal

What are moles ?

Moles are small coloured blemishes on the skin made up of cells called melanocytes, which produce the colour (pigment) in your skin.

The medical name for moles is melanocytic naevi.

Moles are often a brownish colour, although some may be darker or skin-coloured. They can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and some have hair growing from them. Moles are usually circular or oval with a smooth edge.

Moles can change in number and appearance. Some fade away over time, often without you realising. They also sometimes respond to hormonal changes, for example during pregnancy and teenage years.

Some moles are present at birth, although most develop during the first 30 years of life. People with fair skin usually have more moles than people with darker skin.

You are likely to develop more moles if they are common in your family or if you have spent a lot of time in the sun.

Types of moles

There are many different types of moles, the most common are:

Most moles are completely harmless. However, they may be unsightly and affect your confidence. Moles can also be a nuisance, for example if they regularly catch on your clothing or you cut them while shaving.

Check your moles

You should check your skin every few months for any new moles that develop. New moles become less common in your 30s and over and she be monitored closely also be alert to any changes to existing moles. A mole can change in weeks or months.

Things to look for include:

A helpful way to remember what to look for is to use the ABCDE method.

Moles like this can occur anywhere on your body, but most happen on the back, legs, arms and face.

If you notice any changes to your moles or are worried about them, see your GP. Changes to a mole may be an early indication of a type of skin cancer called melanoma and may require an urgent referral by your GP.

Mole removal

Moles can be surgically treated for cosmetic reasons but this service is not available on the NHS.

Any mole that is removed should be sent for histology to make sure there are no sinister features apparent under a microscope that need further investigation and intervention.

The procedure is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, which means that the affected skin area will be completely numb.

The exact technique used for removing the mole depends on factors such as the size, shape, depth and location of the mole.

Sometimes a shave excision can be performed so the mole is cut down with a scalpel so it is level with your skin, leaving a small burn mark which fades in time. Sometimes the mole needs to be completely excised and you may require some fine sutures this can leave a small scar which can take up to a year to fade.

We do not recommend freezing or lasering moles as it destroys the tissue and they can not be send for histology.


Mole removal is performed by Jan Birch consultant prescribing nurse specialist at Cheshire Lasers she works closely with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon at her clinic. Should any moles assessed by her show any features of concern she will recommend an urgent 2 week wait referral by your GP or privately through her multidisciplinary team. Any moles that are difficult to remove for any reason or may give you a poor aesthetic result may need referral to one of her colleagues at her clinic in Ramsbottom for a small additional charge.


Consultation fee £50

Consulting Fees are to be paid at the time of booking there is a 24hr cancellation fee of £50

Mole removal From £400 depending on the complexity

Additional Moles - From £150 / mole ( if removed at the same time)

Histology £75 / lesion Histology analysis is performed routinely for all excised samples


To book please phone 01606 841255 to find out when Jan has her next clinic at Cheshire Lasers.



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