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semi permanent cosmetics / makeup

Semi permanent cosmetics is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing and is similar to conventional tattooing but the pigment is not implanted as deep.

The equipment used is much quieter and less traumatic to the skin.

The pigments used are designed to naturally blend with your skin.

The most popular procedures are:


Great treatment for people who have

The technique used creates a natural hair stroke design which will instantly give lift and emphasis to the eyes.

Cheshire Lasers semi permanent makeup - Eyebrow contours

Photos by Jacqui Rostron


cheshire semipermanent makeup cheshire semi permanent makeup
semi permanent makeup cheshire semipermanent makeup cheshire


eyelash enhancement

An ideal treatment if you want to:

This treatment is great for people with poor vision or an unsteady hand. It is also popular with busy people who don't have time to apply make up daily.

The technique is created in the natural lash line to give the appearance of thicker lashes, bigger eyes and it can enhance the colour of the eyes.

Cheshire Lasers semi permanent make up - Eyelash enhancement


eye liner semi permanent makeup eye liner semi permanent makeup cheshire
semi permanent makeup cheshire semi permanent makeup cheshire


lip line and lip blush

This procedure is fabulous and gives definition to the shape of the lips that might have been lost due to the ageing process or to create symmetry.

The lip blush technique is more advanced than the lip liner technique and makes the lips look more natural. The lip line is tattooed on and shaded into the natural lip.

CheshireLasers semi permanent makeup - Lip blush, before and immediately after the procedure


semi permanent makeup lips cheshire semi permanent makeup lips cheshire
semi permanent makeup lips cheshire semi permanent makeup lips cheshire


Semi Permanent Makeup help you to look well groomed and attractive whether you have just got out of bed, been to the gym or been swimming.

You will save time applying makeup and enhance and correct your natural appearance.

frequently asked questions

How long do Semi Permanent makeup last?

Natural rejuvenation of the skin and exposure to uv light will fade the pigments used in Semi Permanent Cosmetics.

The lighter the shade of pigments used the quicker it fades.

We recommend a colour boost procedure every 12 - 18mths to keep you Semi Permanent Makeup looking fresh and as good as new.

Does it hurt?

Semi Permanent Make up is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed.

The Nouveau Contour procedure uses sophisticated equipment that eliminates distress. Some clients have been know to fall asleep during their procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure will take up to two hours depending on the individual and the treatment they want.

Who can't have Semi Permanent Makeup?

Patients who have immune disorders such as Systemic lupus erythematosus, keloid or hypertrophic scars, HIV, TB, tumours, growths or cysts.

Clients who have had chemotherapy need to wait until their antibodies are back to normal.

Clients need to wait 6 months after:

2 weeks after using aha preparations.

Treatments are performed byJacqui Rostron who is highly regarded as an accomplished Permanent Makeup Specialist within the U.K.with over ten years experience at her fingertips. Jacqui`s expertise in providing safe stunning brows, eyeliner and lips have become greatly sought after across the U.K. from beauty salons, spas, and skin clinics to working alongside aesthetic doctors. As an advanced specialist Jacqui also carries out cosmetic medical tattoing for clients with areola and nipple reconstruction, alopecia,and hair loss due to chemotherapy.
When applied by a professionally skilled technician, like Jacqui, permanent cosmetic makeup can achieve life- changing results and .confidence boosting. The technique is simple safe and revolutionary and will enhance your natural beauty.Jacqui Rostron offers an excellent array of treatments such as:
Lipliner/Blushed Lips
Beauty Marks
Breast And Areola/Nipple
Tattoo following surgery

To book a consultation please contact the clinic



semi permanent makeup
semi permanent make up 


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