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You can now book most appointments online, up to 30 days in advance.


training offers

When a member of our staff has been approved to perform a specific treatment, they are fully trained and are then given further training and practice in the clinic before they are allowed to treat clients. We realise that they do not have the years of experience our other staff offer. Our newly trained staff need practice to gain experience but we understand clients may prefer to have treatments with someone more experienced.

However, to enable our staff to gain experience in specific treatments we offer our clients an incentive to see them by providing special prices with staff recently out of training. The cheaper the price the less experience the staff member has had.

Should you wish to book to take advantage of these prices, please bear in mind the staff member may need to get advice before performing a treatment. The treatment may take longer than normal. These prices are limited to certain staff members, at specified times.

Find out more about the qualifications and experience of our staff here.

The following offers are currently available:


Ultraformer Neck, Jowl, Jawline and

Decolletage Treatments

25% Off with Natasha

We are looking for one more model for this treatment.

Natasha trained in this treatment recently and has performed several treatments. She needs to perform several more under Dr Johnson or Kate's supervision before she can perform the procedure on her own.

To book please phone 01606 841255 a £25 deposit is required






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