Diabetic Foot Screening

Diabetes can affect the blood vessels of the legs and feet which lead to reduced circulation (vascular disease).This can have a significant effect on healing. Diabetes can also affect the nerve endings in the feet leading to reduced sensation (neuropathy). This may result in foot problems going unnoticed.

A Diabetes Foot Screening appointment will involve:

  • Vascular assessment
  • Assessment of blood supply to the feet including use of an ultrasound Doppler machine to listen to the quality of blood flow (a painless & non-invasive examination)
  • Assessment of nerve supply / sensation to the feet • Basic biomechanical assessment of the feet
  • Discussion regarding general health, diabetes control and lifestyle
  • Discussion regarding management and prevention of foot problems.

A copy can be passed onto your GP at your request

Diabetic Foot Screening is provided privately by Podiatrist Samantha Hatton.

Samantha has a special interest in Diabetic feet and she has a wealth of experience managing the problems that can arise, due to her many years working for NHS as a diabetic foot specialist.

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