Noah of Psychothe-reiki

About Noah Sisson-Curbishley

Noah is a fully accredited psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and reiki practitioner. They qualified in traditional talking therapies including person-centred work, compassion-focused therapy and mindfulness.

Noah understands that life’s challenges are as unique and complex as the individual who experiences them.  As Noah’s aim is to help you work through emotional challenges and realise your full potential in a unique and empowering way.

Using a unique perspective in applying techniques from a combination of the following techniques to help you to process emotions and experiences in a gentle and profound way:

Noah offers traditional psychotherapeutic approaches and psychotherapeutic reiki and there is no pressure to fit into just one.  The beauty of this work is you are free to experiment with what you feel is right for you in the moment – everything in the process is guided by you with no pressure, expectation or judgement.

By combining the frameworks and techniques of traditional psychotherapeutic approaches and/or reiki, clients make profound strides in their progress in much more relaxed and organic ways.  All these options can be tailored to your needs or your level of comfort and can be discussed during a free consultation.

Noah has a background working in the NHS, charity, private and public sectors and is currently engaged in PhD research. They are an accredited BACP member, Pink Therapy accredited and also a member of The Reiki Association and have been practising reiki since 2017.

Noah owns Psychothe-reiki which holds valid full insurance.

Noahs Qualifications:

Noah is qualified to a master’s level in advanced counselling and psychotherapy as well as being a qualified clinical supervisor and reiki master practitioner.

  • MSc Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Pg. Cert. Supervision in counselling and psychotherapy
  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Foundation Degree Therapeutic Counselling
  • Solution Focused Therapy

Are you considering booking counselling with Noah?

Not every counsellor or approach is right for everyone so Noah offers a free consultation to discuss your needs and discuss what approach would suit you best.

Prices for Noah’s Psychothe-reiki

Psychotherapy – £40 per 60-minute session

Supervision – £60 per 90-minute session

Psychotherapeutic Reiki – £60 per 90-minute session

Student/trainee rates are available.

When is Noah available?

Noah has availability for face-to-face work on Tuesdays 9 am-5 pm

Online and telephone appointments are also available prices for this vary depending on the service you require.

How to book an appointment with Noah

Please contact Noah to book your free consultation by email:

Or complete this form on his website.

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Noah Sisson-Curbishley of Psychothe-reiki