Patricia Goodwin Consultant Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Patrica is semi-retiring and she performed her last treatments at Cheshire Lasers in October 2021. She plans to work part-time from her home clinic and a clinic in Wrexham for the next year.

Should you wish to see her for further treatments, please contact her through her website:

View Patricia’s Website Here.

Patricia Goodwin is a – Consultant Nurse Practitioner, she is an expert in medical aesthetics, anti-ageing and wellness medicine. She is a pioneer in skin health rejuvenation sector with over 33 years experience and is a respected figure in the field of cosmetic medicine. As a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and a member of the Private Independent Aesthetic Practices Association both associations promote high standards of care and best practice in the industry.

Patricia regularly trains Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses as a national trainer for Sculptra, Silhouette Soft and Ellanse.

Patricia Goodwin has regular clinics in, Chester, North Wales, and Cheshire.

Dr Teri Johnson has seen Patricia for her own cosmetic treatments since 2011 and has been very happy with the results. Patricia is easy to talk to and has your best interest at heart she will not recommend a treatment that would not benefit you.

Patricia has the ability to change a face from the outside in and the inside out without using a scalpel is one of the significant features that set her apart as a practitioner. A devotee of advanced skin health restoration, she stands out in a crowded market due to her ability to deliver stunning natural-looking results.

Patricia is passionate about giving clients the right information so that they can make an informed decision for the treatment that suits them. Her aim is to achieve a result that is natural soft and still very you.

Ensuring personal care, impartial expert advice and excellent aftercare.

How often is Patricia Goodwin at Cheshire Lasers Clinic?

Patricia Goodwin provides her services at Cheshire Lasers approximately once every month.

How do I book an appointment with Patricia?

Phone 01606 841255 to arrange a consultation.

Patricia charges a £50 consultation fee payable at the time of booking but this is deducted from any treatment you have with her.

Patricia has a 48-hour cancellation policy.

Whats Services / Treatments does Patrica Provide?

 Patricia provides:

Patricia Goodwin’s Prices:

Aesthetic Consultations£50
Botox 1 area£180
Botox 2 areas£250
Botox 3 areas£300
Botox Additional Small Areas £60
Men Extra £20/ area as bigger muscles
Botox Full Neck£400
Masseter / Jaw Botox Treatment £300 / session
Botox Migraine Treatment£500
Hyperhydrosis Forehead Jaw Treatment £300
Hyperhydrosis Underarms£400
Bio Identical Hormones:
Initial Consultation£200 up to 1 hour
Review Consultation£100
Prescription Admin Fee£30
Silhouette Soft Thread Lift£800 for small areas such as a brow lift – 2 threads.
£2,200 for larger areas needing 6 threads.
PRP ” Dracula / Vampire Therapy”Most treatments are £400 / Session
Lower Face Rejuvenation with Ellanse£1,000
Full Face Rejuvenation with Ellanse£1400
Full Face Rejuvenation with Ellanse and Silhouette Soft£2400
Jett Plasma Treatments
Non Surgical Blepharoplasty
First Treatment £800
Second Treatment£400
Peri Oral Linesfrom £350
Skin Lesion Removal e.g. Skin Tags, Seborrhea WartsFrom £150