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General Foot Care

Hard skin, corns and callus mainly build up over high pressure areas on the feet. These areas are treated by skillfully using a scalpel blade to remove the hardened skin. Hence this provides comfort and improves overall appearance.

Tailored advice will be given on preventing reoccurrence and in-shoe appliances/ cushioning devices can be recommended.

Treatment for thickened, ingrown and fungal nails

Thickened nails can be thinned down in order to feel more comfortable and improve their appearance.

Ingrown nails can be cut back conservatively and made to feel more comfortable. Advice can be given regarding nail surgery as a permanent solution.

Fungal nails are often unsightly and can become uncomfortable if the nail plate becomes thickened. The affected nails can be thinned down and advice can be given regarding the appropriate use of anti fungal preparations.

Cracked heels

Hard skin can build up around the heel area and can then start to crack. As well as being unsightly these cracks can become very deep, causing bleeding and pain.

The hard skin can be skillfully removed using a scalpel blade. Specialist creams and treatments can be recommended to improve overall condition of the skin and therefore prevent recurrence.


Verrucae are warts that can be found anywhere on the foot. They are harmless but can become painful if they develop on weight bearing areas. There is evidence to suggest that most verrucae will eventually disappear of their own accord within 2 years.

A verruca can be made to feel more comfortable by reducing overlying hard skin and advice can be given on the correct use of home treatments.

Alternatively podiatrists can use stronger acid based treatments – these are higher in strength than over the counter preparations and are applied to the skin at weekly intervals.

Foot ulcers and wounds

There are many factors that prevent foot ulcers and wounds from healing. These include pressure and friction to the area, poor circulation and general health problems.

After a thorough assessment a podiatrist can identify these influencing factors and develop a suitable treatment regime. Treatment may involve the use of specialist dressings, padding and footwear advice.

Simple nail cutting

After your initial appointment you may qualify for simple nail care at a reduced rate. These are shorter appointments where only nail cutting is offered.

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