RioBlush CarboxyTherapy Images and More Information


Before and after photos for RioBlush CarboxyTherapy from RioBlush.

Rioblush CarboxyTherapy Prices

A very small area such as the eyes£60
A small area such as under the chin£80
A full-face treatment including eyes£120
A medium-sized body area£120
A large body or 2 smaller body areas£180
The full face, neck and décolletage£180

Stretch Mark Treatment with CarboxyTherapy

New stretch marks that are red in colour respond better to carboxytherapy than older, silvery stretch marks.

Stretch marks require 2 to 8 treatments, once every week or two.

Older stretch marks may need a combination of other treatments.

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Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by congestion of the capillaries. This causes poor oxygenation to the under-eye area and the thin skin can appear blue, giving a dark appearance.

Injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide under the eyes increases the blood flow. Following a course of Carboxytherapy, the capillary network to the under-eye area improves and the collagen in the skin increases. The blue appearance under the eye looks pinker.  

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