RioBlush CarboxyTherapy

At Cheshire Lasers, Dr Teri Johnson performs CarboxyTherapy using our Rioblush machine.

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What is CarboxyTherapy?

Rioblush Carboxy Therapy is a safe, minimally-invasive, all-natural medical procedure that involves injecting carbon dioxide into the tissues.

What does CarboxyTherapy Treat?

At Cheshire Lasers, we use CarboxyTherapy to treat stretch marks and cellulite on the body.

We also treat fine lines around eyes and mouth, dark under-eye circles and the face, neck, and decolletage for rejuvenation.

How does CarboxyTherapy work?

As we age, blood circulation in the dermis reduces; this means less oxygen gets to the cells. As a result, new cell and collagen production slow down over time, and in some cases stops altogether.

Every cell in our body releases carbon dioxide as a waste product. Our red blood cells take this carbon dioxide to the lungs where it leaves the body. These red blood cells also deliver oxygen to our cells. They release the oxygen molecules when they encounter carbon dioxide in the tissues.

Injecting natural carbon dioxide gas under the skin tricks the body into believing it needs more oxygen. This kick starts your body’s natural restorative processes, increasing blood flow. The oxygenation of the areas increases stimulating accelerated healing, new collagen and cell growth.

Clinical studies have shown CarboxyTherapy stimulates skin and dermal rejuvenation and also destroys fat cells.

What happens during CarboxyTherapy treatment? 

Carboxytherapy involves multiple small injections with a very thin needle. Medical-grade carbon dioxide gas is injected, at a temperature and rate dictated by the problem and your pain threshold.

How long does it take?

Treatment can take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The time will depend on the size of the area, and how uncomfortable you find it.

Is CarboxyTherapy painfull?

Some patients may experience mild discomfort, slight burning, itching, or a tingling sensation. However other people may find it more painful.   The Rioblush Carboxy Therapy system can heat the carbon dioxide gas, which improves the discomfort.

As the treatment continues, you may experience a warm sensation around the treatment area.

How long is the recovery time after the treatment?

The treatment requires no recovery time.

Swelling and redness are often seen after treatment, but these usually go after a few minutes or a few hours. It is common to develop some small bruises after the treatment.

We advise you to avoid strenuous activity, bathing, swimming, saunas for 4 hours after treatment.

Contraindications to CarboxyTherapy

This safe procedure has a few contraindications

  • Pregnancy
  • Severe Anaemia
  • Active Skin / Tissue Infections

Any condition or medication (e.g. Apixiban or Aspirin) that thins the blood is a relative contraindication.

How many sessions will I need?

Most conditions require an average of 6 and 12 treatments. Each person is unique, so some people may see slight improvements after the first treatment. However, usually, it takes up to one month for the body to properly react to the process.

How long will the benefits last?

The results for stretch marks can be permanent.

For cellulite and skin rejuvenation treatments, you will require maintenance treatments every few months to maintain the benefits.

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