Training Offers

Training offers at Cheshire Lasers

When a specialist has completed training and has been awarded a certificate to perform a specific treatment, they may be fully trained, however, they lack experience. They need further practise to gain experience.

We understand most people prefer to have treatments with someone with lots of experience, however, to enable our specialists to gain experience in specific treatments we offer our clients an incentive to see them by providing special prices.

Please be aware the cheaper the price the less experience the staff member has had.

Should you wish to book, to take advantage of these prices, please bear in mind the staff member may need to get advice before performing a treatment. The treatment may take longer than normal. These prices are limited to certain staff members, at specified times.

Find out more about the qualifications and experience of our staff here.

These treatments are to be paid as you go and cannot be purchased in advance.

  • Ultraformer Jowl Treatment
    Anna has completed her training and performed some supervised treatments.
    We are looking for 2 more models to treat before she works unsupervised.
    Treatments will be 25% OFF and the first 40mins will be supervised by Natasha
    To booked Email
  • Trilogy ICE Laser Hair Reduction
    Anna has now completed her level 4 in Laser and IPL
    In September Anna has the following Offers:
    40% OFF Lower leg Treatments
    35% OFF Underarm Treatment

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