Holistic health and therapies

Cheshire Lasers offer a range of holistic health services and therapies. These are performed in the safe hands of several indepedant specialists.


Heidi Hewitt provides the following holistic therapies:

  • Reiki – a relaxing treatment which rebalances the body
  • Reflexology – certain points on the hands and feet are stimulated to relax the body.
  • Hopi Candling – generates a massage effect on the ear drum which can benefit vertigo, migraines, tinnitus, sore throats and ear wax build up.
  • Indian Head Massage – treats the back, head and shoulders by relieving tension.


Sharron Roughton provides:

Wendy Broad provides self-awareness training programmes, which involve learning new thinking patterns to restore ease of movement and help manage everyday challenges. She provides:


Mark Guggiari provides the following therapies:


Prices can be found on each specialists page.