CACI Eye Revive

CACI Eye Revive treatment Cheshire middlewich

The CACI Eye Revive Treatment is performed by our Cheshire Lasers Aestheticians.

The new CACI Eye Revive treatment is a must-have for anyone concerned with ageing around the delicate eye area.

This gentle treatment:

  • Soothes tired, puffy eyes
  • Combats dark circles
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lifts hooded eyes

What is a CACI Eye Revive treatment?

The CACI Eye Revive treatment involves three steps.

Step 1:

This involves micro-current to gently tighten and tone sagging muscles around the eye area whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

CACI eye revive step 1

Step 2:

The treatment then uses serum-filled CACI micro-current eye rollers to infuse the CACI Eye Revive serum deep into the skin. The roller ball is used to perform a drainage massage. The drainage massage helps to eliminate toxins around the eye area these actions help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The Eye Revive serum contains REGU®-AGE and other clinically effective ingredients which, have been shown to reduce puffiness by up to 31% and dark circles up to 35%.

Eye revive step 2

Step 3:

The deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask is then applied to soothe and calm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles further.
The Hydro Eye Mask feels and smells divine. The cooling sensation around the eyes is relaxing and leaves the eyes looking brighter and more hydrated. The mask contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, green tea and cucumber to help plump out fine lines and wrinkles.

CACI eye revive Cheshire step 3

Am I suitable for a CACI Eye Revive treatment?

The CACI Eye Revive treatment is suitable for all skin types and delivers impressive results to keep you looking fresh and revived.

How many Eye Revive treatments will I need?

Cheshire Lasers recommends a course of ten CACI Eye Revive treatments for optimum results. We also advise you to book the sessions close together; however, a one-off session is also beneficial and the perfect ‘pick me up’. It instantly wakes tired eyes and makes you feel vibrant and confident.

If you have a wedding or a special occasion coming up, a one-off will give a quick lift around the eye area. The perfect confidence boost! 

It takes around 35 minutes per session. So you could have one in your lunch break and go back to work all revived!

CACI Eye Revive Cheshire

At Cheshire Lasers, we often combine the CACI Eye Revive with other CACI treatments. The most popular combination is the CACI Jowl Lift with the Eye Revive.

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View a video of theTreatment.

This video shows a shortened version of the CACI Eye Revive treatment at Cheshire Lasers Clinic.