Hair Loss Treatments with Dr Priyanka

hair loss treatments with rrs mesotherapy and Prp

Hair Loss / Alopecia Treatments with Dr Priyanka Vaidya

Dr Priyanka is an independent visiting specialist who work from Cheshire Lasers and is very passionate about hair loss treatments.
Her approach to hair loss management is holistic. All consultations start by taking a detailed history, including; a family history followed by a careful examination. Dr Priyanka will the look at your diet and lifestyle. Her aim is to try and establish the cause of hair loss before starting any treatment.

Dr Priyanka’s treatment plan usually includes a combination of the following treatments:

1) A diet plan together with supplements

2)RRS Mesotherapy

Dr Priyanka uses a type of Mesotherapy called XL Hair which introduces a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hair fortifying agents. Dr Priyanka inject it into the layers of the skin where cell repair and growth occur. Treatment is primarily carried out on the top of the head and only works if the hair bulbs are still alive.

The first results usually are visible after three or four treatments. Initially, patients may see less hair loss, then after around two months, new hair appears. Initially small or weak, by the next month they will be stronger and thicker with good volume.
The treatment protocol is once a week for 8 weeks and then monthly. Currently, Dr Pryanka is offering the treatment of RRS Mesotherapy at £150 per session or a course of 8 treatments for £1200.

3)PRP Dracula Therapy

PRP Therapy is a very natural, modern method of choice for quality hair restoration. It is a safe non-surgical procedure with significant results. It is an injectable treatment, which uses the patient’s plasma containing active growth factors to promote hair growth. These growth factors may help hair grow, or at a minimum, slow down hair loss. The result leaves the patient with fuller healthier looking hair.

The number of treatments you need depends on your hair condition.  Dr Priyanka will discusss this after assessing you during a consultation. Generally, the number of treatments will be four to six treatments at four week intervals. You will see significant hair growth beginning at six months and continuing thereafter. Determining factors are the amount and cause of hair loss.

Overall, patient satisfaction is high, with this treatment receiving an average rating of seven out of 10. Usually, you will need maintenance treatments every six to 12 months to maintain the hair restoration progress.

The treatment is £300 per session and a minimum of four treatments spaced one month apart is recommended.

Combination PRP and RRS Mesotherapy

Amazing results have been shown using a combination of PRP growth factors and RRS Mesotherapy.

Find out more about Dr Priyanka and the treatments she offers here.

The following before and after images show the results after a course of XL hair mesotherapy part of the RRS mesotherapy range.