Lines Around The Lips

At Cheshire Lasers, we provide a wide range of treatments to improve the lines and other signs or ageing around the lips/mouth area. This area is also known as the “Perioral area”.

Cheshire Lasers most popular and successful Perioral Treatments include:

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Which Perioral Treatment is the best for me?

Everyone ages differently in a combination of ways, depending on a wide range of factors. When deciding on the best treatment for you, we need to assess what the causes of the problem are; this will then help us to decide on the best solutions.

Some people may only need one method of treatment to address their concerns; however, some people need a combination of treatments. The longer you have had the lines and wrinkles around the mouth and the more damaged the skin texture is, the less effective the results are, and the more treatment you will probably need.

To help find the right treatment for you we recommend a consultation with our Senior Aesthetician, Natasha or Dr Teri Johnson.

At the consultation, we will provide an assessment to determine whether you have perioral volume loss or if skin texture is a concern. It may be that both areas need addressing.

We will also discuss the treatments available to you, the costs involved, how effective the treatments are, the risk and the benefits, and any downtime you might experience. We will also advise you on how to maintain the results following your treatment. The consultation should help you make an informed choice about the method of treatment you would like to try.

What causes the lines and wrinkles in the Perioral area?

As we age, the mouth area starts to develop lines and wrinkles and the lips begin to reduce in size. The skin, the supporting dermis and fat underneath go through changes which make lines and wrinkles more obvious. 

Women tend to age in this area a lot more than men, as over time, they tend to lose all of the fat in the perioral area with age. This fat acts like a mattress under the skin and gives a plumping effect. As the fat goes, the skin is then sat on the muscle, which means the dynamic lines of movement are then visible.

Facial expressions such as pursing the lips cause dynamic lines. These lines are usually more obvious in people that smoke; however, they are often are seen in non-smokers who have the habit of repeatedly using their muscles for their facial expressions.

You can view more detail about the changes that cause wrinkles here.

Lip Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

Dr Teri Johnson specialises in “Dermal Filler Lip Rejuvenation” a treatment that gently restores ageing lips and improves the perioral area.

Dermal fillers are one of the most effective treatments for more significant volume loss in the perioral area. The use of Dermal Fillers helps to subtly replace lost volume and hydration in the lips. Dermal Fillers also reduce the perioral (smokers’ lines) that develop due to loss fat loss and collagen loss. The filler plumps out this area so the skin has a soft support structure to sit on, this way the lines from the movement of the muscles underneath are no longer visible.

Dr Teri has spent many years perfecting using different Dermal Fillers to suit different peoples needs.

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Find out more about lip rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers with Dr Teri Johnson here.

Botox to Reduce Dynamic Lip Lines

Treating the perioral area with Botox reduces the movement of the orbicularis oris muscle. This treatment is usually reserved for people who overuse these muscles and often hold a pursed-lip expression when relaxed.

If a Botox treatment is overdone in this area it can lead to problems with speech, eating etc. When performed correctly this usually does not happen. However, it is not uncommon to be aware of some mouth weakness for a day or two, when the Botox first kicks in.

This treatment can be performed in combination with a Dermal Filler treatment. However, the two procedures are best performed a few weeks apart.

Find out more about Botox Lip treatment here.

Ultraformer MF2 Ultrasound Treatments for Lip Lines 

Our Ultraformer MF2 treatment is an alternative to injectable treatments for replacing lost volume under the skin with collagen. The ultrasound causes trauma to the dermis and stimulates collagen production, which develops over a few months. The plumping effect under the skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles after a course of treatments. The result with this treatment varies as everyone’s collagen production is different.

A second headpiece can be used during this treatment to address the epidermis (the top skin layer of skin) to help stimulate increased cell turnover. We tend to use this for those people suffering from thickened lines on the top layer of skin. (Stratum corneum)

ultraformer upper lip treatment mf2 cheshire


Radiofrequency is an alternative to out Ultraformer treatment. It is less aggressive and less uncomfortable; in fact, many people report that it is a pleasant, relaxing experience. A course of 6 to 8 treatment are often required for optimum results.

This treatment stimulates collagen under the skin for a plumping effect, but also helps fine lines in the top layer of skin by stimulating cell renewal. Again, results with this treatment vary as everyone’s collagen production is different.

Microdermabrasion to improve Lip Lines due to skin texture

Microdermabrasion works on the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) by exfoliating the dead cells on the top layer, which are often dull, dried out and creased. The treatment encourages faster cell turnover and allows new, less creased and less dehydrated cells to replace them on the surface. We recommend a course of at least three treatments to see the benefits.

This treatment works well on thicker skin types.


Microneedling works on the top layer to stimulate cell renewal so improving skin texture. It also works in the dermis to stimulate collagen and plump out the dermis under the skin.

This treatment has more downtime than most of the others.

Costs for this treatment are similar if treating one area or the full face, so we usually recommend a full face rejuvenation for cost-effectiveness.

At Cheshire Lasers we regularly review our treatments, protocols and client results.

We have recently introduced a new treatment combining microdermabrasion and radiofrequency.  This has proved successful so far, and we hope to update you further shortly.

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