Large Pores

large pores treatment

Why have I got large pores?

The size of your pores is determined by your skin type. Large pores are more common if you have oily or thick skin. Pores become larger and more noticeable if they become congested with sebum the oil we produce to protect the skin. A combination of old dead skin cells and sebum can block the pores and then oxidise into a black plug known as a blackhead.

As we age pores get larger!  This is due to the loss of collagen that occurs with the ageing process, which provides support to the skin and its structures. The more support is lost, the more pores dilate and appear bigger.

How can I improve my pores?

Good Home Skin Care

Good skincare can make a big difference there is a lot that you can do.

Products that reduce oiliness, unclog pores, stimulate cell renewal and stimulate collagen can all help reduce the size pores. Also, you need to avoid products that clog pores and make them bigger.

Here are our top tips for reducing pores:


Do not:

  • Overuse moisturisers, they slow down cell turnover and compact dead cells in the pores which then enlarge.
  • Don’t try to cover up the problem with foundation or powders because again it can compact dead cells.
  • Avoid using fake tan as the tan stains the sebum and dead cells in the pores making them more visible.

What Treatments can improve my pores?


Microdermabrasion is a facial treatment that blasts your skin with tiny crystals sanding off and removing dead skin cells. This treatment removes just the top surface of the skin as well as unclogging pores and blackheads. It also helps reduce fine lines and stimulates collagen which gives the pores more support.


Microneedling is another way to reduce pore size. This treatment uses a needling device to create thousands of tiny holes in your skin.  The healing process stimulates the releases of growth factors and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin giving firmer skin which supports the pores so they appear smaller.  This treatment also helps resurface and smooth the skin’s surface which also helps reduce pores.

Skin peels

A skin peel can smooth the surface of the skin making pores appear less noticeable. Cheshire Lasers offers a wide variety of skin peels. Choose from a milder peel which gives little or no downtime but are less effective and the results are short-lasting. Or a more aggressive peel which gives more peeling and more downtime and the results can last a few months.  Many people opt for a course of mild peels and step up in strength until they achieve good results and then have a maintenance treatment every month or two.  Alternatively, you can use consumer-strength acids to peel your skin at home such as Peel to Glo.


The Hydrafacial is famous for its properties for unblocking pores. The treatment jet washes the skin with products which exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. It then applies a product containing glycolic and salicylic acid to soften blockages in the pores and then a vacuum removes the softened gunk. Finally, the Hydafacial applies a combination of vitamins, peptides, and moisturising hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin as well as reduce wrinkles if you have any!


Radiofrequency (also known as RF),  involves heating up the skin layers to stimulate collagen production. A course of 6 to 8 treatments can tighten and brighten the skin providing support for the pores which can reduce their appearance.


Botox is known for its use to freeze facial muscles and reduce sweating, however, it is now also being used to reduce the production of oil in the skin. Injections of tiny doses of Botox are placed into the surface of the skin and this causes a temporary reduction in sebum production which can reduce pore size in some people.