What does Cheshire Lasers do?

Cheshire Lasers Medical Health, Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic, established in 2008, provides an extensive range of treatments.

The information below summarises many of the treatments and who performs them.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic

Dr Teri Johnson, Dr Kyra Drinnan,  Aesthetic Nurse Moira Grobiki, Dr Katherine Hazlehurst, and Aesthetic Nurse Katey Moulton provide a range of anti ageing and aesthetic treatments.

Laser Hair, Tattoo and Red Vein Removal

Using the Latest Lynton Lumina Q switch laser, we can remove most Tattoos, reduce redness and red veins, and provide the most effective hair removal.

Blemish Removal

Including Mole Reduction, Skin Tag, Milia, Verruca and Wart removalProvided by our highly experienced Aesthetic Nurse, Moira Grobiki, our Podiatrist, Samantha Hatton and our Electrolysis Specialist, Helena Fryer.

HIFU, Radiofrequency & CACI

Endymed and Thermaclinic Radiofrequency and Ultraformer3 HIFU technology offer skin tightening, line reduction, and rejuvenation. CACI for a Non-Surgical Face-Lift.

Podiatry, Counselling & Psychotherapies

Provided by our experienced, highly recommended Podiatrist Samantha Hatton, and Psychotherapist Noah.

Treatments for Skin Problems

Our specialists provide treatments for a range of cosmetic concerns, such as pigmentation, melasma, scarring, acne, photo ageing and thread veins.